Soft and Elegant Shawl/Wrap

Here is a handmade crocheted light pink very elegant shawl/wrap.

Made with very soft and delicate yarn, this shawl is a very light pink in color. This shawl measures 63" long and 20" wide. This yarn also stretches.

Soft, delicate and elegant, this shawl would look amazing with evening wear yet could also look fantastic with nice jeans and a shirt. The ends are a scalloped stitch that is so pretty. 

Elegant yes but still warm and the soft yarn will feel so wonderful around you. This shawl should be hand washed and dried flat to retain its shape. 

A lot of work went into this shawl/wrap and it was made with care and lots of love. It will last a lifetime and can become a wonderful heirloom item to be pasted down for generations!

A special thank you to my beautiful model who so patiently posed for me!

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