Third Wreath On The Front Page!!!!

For the third time one of my wreaths have made the front page! I'm so excited, first the gift guide now the front page. This is my lucky week!!! I was shocked this morning when I saw I was in the gift guide but this afternoon I almost fainted when I saw the same wreath was on the front page!!! My views and hearts are going through the roof. Funny thing is I'm having a sale this weekend in my shop so maybe I will be getting more sales out of all of this. I'm hoping so!!!

My First Wreath on the Front Page!

My first wreath on the front page!!
I just found out that I'm in Etsy's Gift Guide!!!!! Here is what it say: Hooray! Rhody is featured in one Gift Guide! Autumn: The Harvest > Artful Entertaining Featured Item 14 Inch Crochet Fall Wreath - Green Roses and Butterflies Item Views 237 Item Hearts 6 Go to this item in the Gift Guide Go take a look at some more lovely things in the Gift Guides....
I'm so excited!!!!

New Shop!

I have a new shop that I want to tell everyone about! Its and I hope everyone visits it! I'm new to this soap making and finding out that I love it. The things that you can make and create are endless and I love trying new things. So everyone please visit my new shop and let me know what you think. I will also be having gift baskets for the holidays and I do take custom orders!!!


This is one big giveaway!!!! Thirty, yes that's correct 3o shops are involved and donating their items to this giveaway. Please visit here for the biggest giveaway that I have ever seen on Etsy. Here is the thread where you can read all about this great giveaway contest. So everyone enter this great giveaway, 30 shops are giving away prizes so hurry and enter!!!!!!!!!!