Handmade Baby Hat Pink and Purple With Flower 3 to 6 Months

New Item In my Shop!

This hat is crocheted with soft yarn and is pink and purple. It will fit any baby from 3 to 6 months and since it stretches maybe more than that.
The crocheted pink and purple flower is sewed on the hat. This hat measures 6 1/2" long, from top to bottom and the middle of the hat measures 6 1/2" wide. The bottom is wider at 8".
Adorable hat for any baby and is made to last. Hat is machine washable and dryable but I would recommend hand washing and drying flat to retain its shape.

New Crocheted Scarf With Pretty Bobble Stitch!

New scarf in my shop! This one is made with a bobble stitch, which means it pops out a little to make for a pretty pattern. This is a tight stitch which will be very warm for the winter. I love scarfs and have them for every coat and jacket I have. This one I almost kept cause I love the stitch but I'll make myself one. Someday...lol

Unconventional Hat With Ruffle

I decided to make something a little "out of the box:.. This is a crocheted hat with a ruffle on the side. It's a very cute hat but I want to see who wears items that are not your regular type accessories.

Normally we all stick to items that are not different from everyone else so it will be interesting to see the reaction I get.

Made with worst weight yarn, this is a warm hat and its dark brown in color and the ruffle is light brown with the darker brown on the edging.

Hmmmmm, let's see what happens!

New Item. Queen Anne's Lace Scarf - Smaller Version

Here is a brand new item in my shop! This is a smaller version of my Queen Anne's Lace scarf. It's grey in color and soft yarn that will feel great around your neck. This scarf can be worn after your coat is off and look great with your outfit! The stitch is really pretty and it looks just like lace. Be warm and stylish this winter!!!

Handmade 12" Crochet Heart Wreath

Just in time for Valentine's Day, here is a 12" heart wreath with tiny roses on it.
Made with yarn, its pink and red with a pink bow on the top center. Its crochet ruffles really makes it stand out. It has the hanger on the top back and is ready to hang!!!
Happy Valentines Day! ♥