New Wreath with Roses

This was a custom order but I had to show it since I am so proud of it. My customer wanted 3 different shades so there is deep red, dusty pink and raspberry in there. It's a 14" wreath but with the roses on it, it gets a lot bigger! I love roses and I think now after making this wreath I could make them in my sleep!!!!

New Crochet Wreath!!!!

New crochet wreath in my shop! This 14" wreath has colors of dark and light purple, dark and light green, off white, and light blue. A pretty green butterfly sits on one of the roses. A very pretty wreath that would look lovely on any door or in any room that you display it.

Crochet Cupcake - Are You Hungry!

Here's a cute little cupcake that would look adorable any place you put it. Use it as a pin cushion or just display it. Either way it's cute! It's all crocheted and has little beads on top for sprinkles and a pom pom at the top. You can see the full desecription in my shop. Just click on the picture!!! But please don't serve the cupcake!!!


I see that I have new followers and I need some help. When I click on your icon I try to get to your blog to follow you and it doesn't work that way. Can someone please let me know how to follow you back?? I'm not very good with blogs (big surprise!) But I want to follow you guys back and can't figure out how to do it. If someone could tell me how I would appreciate it so much. Thanks to anyone who gives me help ♥♥

New Wash/Dish Cloths in Great Colors!

I now have new dish/wash cloths in my shop. They are crocheted with 100% cotton yarn so they are machine washable and dryable. I have two listings so there are beautiful colors to pick from. You're going to love these. Once you use them you will want more. So each to use and its nice and soft yarn. Want a different color? Just convo me and let me know. I can make any color you want. I always put borders around my cloths so they don't look like they are unfinished. Take a peek at them and you'll fall in love with them!

Fifth Time On Front Page!!!!

For the fifth time, one of my wreaths has been on the front page!! This morning at 8:00 am this wreath made it!!! I'm so thrilled with this!!!! I couldn't believe it, I was so shocked. It is such a wonderful feeling to have one of my items on the front page you can't imagine.

New Spring Wreath

Spring is coming so I decided to make a Spring wreath. With the little bird and the pretty butterfly on it, I think it speaks Spring. It's 14" of dark and light green and soft yellow roses say Spring is right around the corner!!!! I for one can't wait!!! Happy Almost Spring!

Wreath with Dark Red and Dusty Pink Roses

New wreath just listed! It made with crochet dark red and dusty pink roses with a wired bow with a rose inside of it. The bow is dark red and pink just like the roses. Its made with a 14" wreath but with all the roses on the side its way bigger than that!!! It would love so pretty on any door or wall. These wreaths looks so much prettier in real life!!

New Lacey Fingerless Gloves

I have new fingerless gloves! They are very delicate looking and look lacey. They will fit an adult regular size hand too. They are a very pale yellow and almost look off white. Very pretty! Check them out!!!!

New item! Fingerless gloves!

Just listed my first pair of fingerless gloves today. This was the first time I ever made them and I gotta tell ya, I kinda like it! They were fun to make! I added the scalloped edging at the bottom of them cause they looked to plain and it looked like they needed something there. I love making these. I have a feeling that there will be more in my shop before I'm done! They fit so nice and snug I just might make a pair for myself!!!

Longer Wrist Warmers!!!

After listing some wrist warmers I decided to make them even longer! So I made these black and white ones. I did a different pretty stitch on the ends near the hand part and I like this stitch better. What do you think? These are sure to keep the wind and cold out and keep you even more cozy and warm!!!

New Wrist Warmers

I have new wrist warmers in my shop now. I'm also working on a longer version of this pretty item. The ruffle part will stick out of your coat for a very pretty look plus they will keep the wind and cold from going up your sleeve! Made with worst weight yarn these warmers will surely keep you toasty this winter!!!!
New items coming all the time so check back often!!!!