My new wreath is for the Fall, which will be here before you know it. This will be my last crochet wreath for a while but I'll still be making my cloth wreaths. I need a break from the crochet ones! Fall will be coming quick and I want to start making my Fall items. I love Fall. The smells, the colors, the chilly nights, its great after a very hot summer. Well that's if we ever get a hot summer! Everyone enjoy their summer!
Ok so I love making these wreath. I can't stop myself!!! This one has a little bird on it. Jeeze every time I say it's my last one for now I find more yarn that would make a pretty wreath. Well since I have one more wreath I guess I'll be making one more! Their so much fun to make. This is also a 14" wreath. I love finding little things to put on it, like the little bird on this one! Ok just one more now. (tee hee)

And Then There Were Three.....

Three little butterflies on this new crocheted wreath! They sit on pretty roses that are beige and some are varigated yarn roses. Just listed this wreath yesterday. This is a 14" wreath and matches everything!!!!

New Blue Rose Wreath!

New crochet wreath added to my shop! Its has blue and varigated blue roses on it with 2 little butterflies placed on the roses. Still on my wreath kick so still making them! These roses are so pretty I love making them. This is a 14" wreath were most of my others are 12". I love these wreaths and their so lightweight too. Check it out!

Confused Cat

Someone sent this photo to me and I think it is the funniest photo I have ever seen. Being a cat lover, naturally I would love it. But I had to share this picture with everyone since I think it is so funny. Ya gotta love cats!!!