New Crochet Wreath!!!!

New crochet wreath in my shop! This 14" wreath has colors of dark and light purple, dark and light green, off white, and light blue. A pretty green butterfly sits on one of the roses. A very pretty wreath that would look lovely on any door or in any room that you display it.

Crochet Cupcake - Are You Hungry!

Here's a cute little cupcake that would look adorable any place you put it. Use it as a pin cushion or just display it. Either way it's cute! It's all crocheted and has little beads on top for sprinkles and a pom pom at the top. You can see the full desecription in my shop. Just click on the picture!!! But please don't serve the cupcake!!!


I see that I have new followers and I need some help. When I click on your icon I try to get to your blog to follow you and it doesn't work that way. Can someone please let me know how to follow you back?? I'm not very good with blogs (big surprise!) But I want to follow you guys back and can't figure out how to do it. If someone could tell me how I would appreciate it so much. Thanks to anyone who gives me help ♥♥