Handmade Easter Egg Crocheted Placemat

New Easter decoration in my shop!!
This is a Easter Egg crocheted placemat that can be used for anything! Show it off on a table with Easter eggs on it. Let a child eat off it. Place it anyplace you want with any Easter decoration on it. Made with worst weight yarn, there are lots of ideas for this placemat. It's just a pretty Easter decoration!!!!

Handmade Crochet Easter Eggs!

Handmade just in time for Easter are these adorable crochet Easter eggs!
There are 10 of them here and each one is a pretty pastel color. Use as a centerpiece with Easter grass for your table! Use them for an Easter hunt! There is no end on how you can decorate with them. Lightweight and each one is filled with fiber fill and will store easy after Easter.

Bacon Wrapped Chicken

Creamy tender chicken breasts, wrapped in thick slices of smoked bacon, which lay on top of a bed of dried beef slices and fresh mushrooms. Smoothered in a rich sauce of sour cream and cream of mushroom soup, baked to a taste tempting entree.

4 skinless/boneless chicken breasts
4 thick slices of smoked bacon
1 small jar of dried beef
1 tablespoon butter
1 8 ounce carton of sour cream
1 can of cream of mushroom soup
1 package of fresh mushrooms

Wash chicken breasts and dry wrap bacon around each breast butter the bottom of a glass baking dish layer dried beef on bottom of baking dish spread 1/2 of mushrooms on top dried beef place bacon wrapped chicken breasts on top mushrooms place remaining mushrooms on top of chicken mix sour cream and cream of mushroom soup together and place on top of chicken and mushrooms Bake uncovered at 275 degrees for 11/2 hours and than cover and cook at 350 for an additional 1hour. Serve on top of a layer of rice and serve with some green vegetables.

Prep Time: 20 Min
Cook Time: 2 Hr 30 Min
Total Time: 2 Hr 50 Min
Servings: 4

Handmade Newborn Crochet Sweater and Hat Set

New item in my shop today! This is a crochet newborn baby sweater and hat set. The colors are pastel and very pretty. Two buttons close the top of the sweater. Very warm and cozy for baby. This set might even fit baby up to 3 months old!

Handmade Set of 12 Crochet Bows

Need to embellish something? Here are the perfect little bows to do it. Each one is crocheted and they would look adorable on headbands, clothes, pillows anything you want. Made with worst weight yarn, these little bows will perk up anything you want.  It comes as a set of 12 bows and would look adorable anywhere!

New Baby Hat! 3 to 6 Months

I have another new baby hat in my shop! This one is all white with pink trim on the bottom and a crocheted pink bow. So cute! This hat fits baby 3 to 6 months and probably longer.

I love making baby hats! Their so adorable that I love them!!!!!