Expensive Shipping And A Very Funny Thread

I saw a really humorous thread today in the Etsy forums about shipping. Here is the link http://www.etsy.com/teams/7722/business-topics/discuss/8756866/page/1/

Although most of it was done with humor (and it is funny) it is a very real truth! Shipping is expensive today and going up all the time. So many of us don't charge enough and end up paying for the freight out of our own pockets. Also, because Etsy list countries and not states, we can't put in our descriptions how much it will be to send to a specific place. I for one wish Etsy would change that. I'll put in a shipping rate of $7.00 and then someone from California will buy a wreath from me and the shipping then goes up to $10.00. Can't win.

But it's nice to see that people have a sense of humor about shipping rates. I wonder how many people have to pay when they don't get the shipping rate right. Any solution? Charge to much? Then no one will want to buy our items. Charge to little? Then we don't make any profit when we have to pay for the extra shipping rate that we didn't count on.
So what to do about shipping? I'd love to hear ideas. Ship on!

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